Secrets of Nay

The launch that will open doors

“Your attention, please”, addressing the largest legion of hookah lovers ever seen. “I, Mr Nay, will speak about our latest launch: Dulce de Leche. As you have seen on social media, the Nay key has materialized to reveal this unique recipe. Everything that has been done so far is illusion, the real taste will now get to your hands. I’m sure it will be this winter’s favorite flavor.  

Instead of cold flavors, which are very refreshing, the best choices for cold weather are sweet flavors. The creamy taste of Dulce de Leche is your best bet for preparing that hookah with a striking flavor in the comfort of your home. 

For those of you who, even in cold weather, still like cold flavors, why not make a mix of 70% Dulce de Leche with 30% Prime Mint? The best way to prepare a hookah session you really enjoy is to test different mixes. Start with this ratio and adjust it until you find the perfect mix for your taste. 

Follow my ancient tips and unveil a new world. If you’ve made it this far, share these tips with the rest of our legion. Don’t keep that knowledge to yourself, spread the good news. Do you wanna know about any subject in particular? Leave your comment at #SenhorNayResponde and suggest a topic. I will talk about the most frequently mentioned topics in this blog. See you soon, Nay Legion.”