Secrets of Nay

“Your attention, please”, addressing the largest legion of hookah lovers ever seen. “I, Mr Nay, will speak about our latest launch: Dulce de Leche. As you have seen on social media, the Nay key has materialized to reveal this unique recipe. Everything that has been done so far is illusion, the real taste will now get to your hands. I’m sure it will be this winter’s favorite flavor.   Instead of cold flavors, … Continued


Welcome everyone! From now on we have a space to share mysterious content and reveal the secrets of our group.  In addition to tips on hookah and vape, we’ll talk about the universe of tattoo, whiskey, games, motorcycling, barber shops, 2-wheel trips, clubs and much more. It is a free space on subjects that match Nay’s soul.  Looking forward … Continued




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