Secrets of Nay

Inside Nay’s mythology

Now you can discover where Nay’s legend come from. Its flavors follow ancient traditions. Found on secret scrolls.

Long ago, it was speculated where Nay’s stories came from. Today we know that these stories have become the brand’s guide. These are legends that transformed Nay’s Legion. We will detail some of the legends that pervade the Nay universe.

In the past, ancient scrolls have been found. One of them said: “We are like bubbles in the ocean, vapor in the mist, the spell in your lungs. We are one, we are many, we are Nay”.

Some magicians made it their motto, going around the world speaking. From some spells they were tested, and recipes were discovered. But only in 2018, the world was ready to meet all the hard work.

Secret Society

Some emperors discovered ancient secrets and continued to develop a long way through new essences. Their loyalties and beliefs were passed on to the next generation. This made our knowledge much greater.

Let’s meet our emperors, who became legends and gained flavors inspired by their names.


Vision, Emperor Cyrus, was one of the first members of Nay, he created several innovative architectural projects. That is why it became known as Vision. Always ahead of his time, he conquered several territories, he liked luxury and power.


Darius followed the era of Cyrus, further increasing the conquest of imperial territory. He created one of the first currencies in the world. Much loved by his people, he earned the nickname Pyramid for always being on top.


Xerxes had a passion for ruling. He was always loved by his people, who took good care of them. He always fought to protect his own, even if he had to use fire to do so. Earning your name, Fire.


Artaxerxes earned his name for using starlight in his thoughts. He worked at night, where he could be more connected to his nature. He rebuilt palaces and great halls, he was always a person whose principle was perfection, brilliance and wisdom.


Camises II was a man who changed his personality with the phases of the moon. Sometimes he just protected his people, at other times he wanted to conquer the world. So, he earned his name, conquered Egypt, and his courage allowed him to earn the respect of the ancient Egyptian gods.