Secrets of Nay

5 secrets about NAY

For many years the ancient manuscripts written by Nay wizards have been encrypted. A lot of secrets have been revealed, but there are still 5 secrets that only Nay wizards know. Secrets that will allow you to see the world from a different perspective. Are you ready to enter the portal that will take you to another universe? Check out Nay’s 5 secrets now: 

1 – Nay wizard is not holding a hookah hose 

Although you’ve never noticed it, this revelation has always been part of your life. The wizard is actually holding a flute called Nay, quite common in ancient Egypt. Along with this piece of information, we will reveal one more secret.

2 – The name Nay comes from a flute 

Nay flute, also called Ney, nai or nye, was created in the Middle East. It was named after our legion, aiming to honor that group of people. Tombs of ancient Egypt used to depict people playing this flute, which was a very important item at the time when it was created.

3 – First Nay flavors 

After archaeologists discovered Nay’s ancient manuscripts, the first encrypted flavors to be revealed were Prime Mint and Melon Blend. That discovery resulted in absolute success.

4 – Where does hookah come from? 

Abul-Fath Gilani invented the hookah we know today in order to remove impurities from smoke. What is known to very few people, however, is the fact that Abul-Fath Gilani was one of the first Nay members and that his project ideas were revealed during the meetings with our legion.

5 – Where does Nay’s high quality come from? 

That Nay’s flavors are high quality is no secret. What only few people know, though, is the process used to master the recipes revealed by the ancient manuscripts. The strength of our legion allows us to create the best flavors available in the market. It is this tenacity that encourages us to bring new flavors to you. 

Wanna know more about Nay? Check out our blog for other texts. See you soon, legion!