Secrets of Nay
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Grape is the new Bubble Line flavor

Our wizard has discovered ancient answers, wich have raised the curiosity of Nay Legion. Through ancient recipe, our wizard has managed to reach the most desired flavor, Bubble Grape. The purple grape flavor was our loyal followers most asked for. The launch is now availabre for sale in our distributors.

Through the mirror

Through the mirror . The power of reflection revealed to be glorious.   People, deep in their souls, crave for something incredible. Many still cannot decipher their own desires. However, through that mirror , the truth will be revealed. Look within yourself and discover your heart’s desires. Whats does your reflection say about you?

Bubble Line 

Bubble Line provides a unique experience in Nay Legion hookah sessions. 
We already have two flavors in this line:  Bubble Blend and Bubble Grape. 
To check prices ​​and order yours, contact us on our Instagram page.