Secrets of Nay

Dulce de Leche


This recipe, made by the first alchemists of our legion, has been kept secret for thousands of years. To preserve its unique flavor, the parchment was kept in a chest, and the key vanished into thin air. Legend has it that it will blow in in one of the harshest winters of all time, so our people can taste this flavoring that comes from another dimension.

Today, the mystery is over and the key can get to your hands. All you need to do is prepare the best hookah session of your life. Dulce de Leche flavor is the real thing. Forget all you know about this sweet. All that has been created so far is nothing but illusion.

The challenge has been put forth: are you going to join this creamy new world? We believe in actions, not empty words. Dulce de Leche is the flavoring essence that will open doors.


50g / 500g / 6kg

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